How Does This Work?

Rechargeam is a platform where you recharge and top-up your data, airtime, cable TV, electricity etc. at very affordable prices. You get to spend less and save more.
We are also an earning platform where you can recharge for others at your own prices anywhere you are in the world.
You also get bonuses for referring people, sweet right?

Hope This Is Not Scam?

We are a legitimate company, tested and trusted. We have been in operation for over two years, how customer base cuts across every part of Nigeria. We are third parties vendors who buy directly from the service providers in bulk and sell in units.

How Do I Buy Data, Airtime Or Any Of The Services ?

STEP 1: You create an account on the website by signing up.
STEP 2: You go to transactions, under it, you will click on wallet funding
STEP 3: Enter the amount you want to deposit and click on the payment method you want to use either mobile transfer, airtime, bank deposit or using your debit card(payment is secured by paystack).
STEP 4: After your wallet is credited, you can go ahead and make purchases.

Do Your Data Plans Work On All Devices?

Yes, all data plans works on mobile phones, laptops, modems, mifi etc.

What Is The Validity Period Of Your Data Plans?

All data plans are valid for 30 days( 1 month) except otherwise stated.

What Do I Do To Become An Agent/reseller After I Create An Account On The Website?

You can fund your wallet with any amount and start using any of our services. Only those willing to become agents/resellers can go ahead to upgrade their accounts to a reseller's account with 1000 naira and they can buy data at lower prices, so it's easy for them to resell and make profit. Lastly, when you refer others, you get a one-time 500 naira when your referral registers and buys data, airtime or any of the services we offer. Thank you.

I Have Funded My Wallet But It's Not Reflecting

kindly notify us on our customer care number: 08162313964 for quick resolution.

Must I Be A Reseller To Enjoy The Resellers' Pricing?

No, you don't have to be a reseller to enjoy the resellers' pricing. All you need do is upgrade your account to a reseller's account, buy and use.

I Want To Partner With You

Kindly send us a mail :

How Do I Fund My Wallet?

STEP 1: Click on the 'Fund my wallet' option
STEP 2: Enter the amount you want your wallet to be funded with in the 'Deposit Amount' box. Kindly note: minimum amount to fund your wallet is #100.
Stamp duty charge of #50 will be deducted for fundings of #10000 above.
STEP 3: Click on 'Select A Payment Type'
STEP 4: Choose if you want to make payment through bank transfer/deposit or pay online using ATM card.
STEP 5: Pay into any of the account numbers provided and upload a screenshot of your payment.
STEP 6: Contact the admin on 08162313964 to fund your wallet if it's not funded in 10mins.
There's a video on YouTube on how to find your wallet on Rechargeam, watch here:

Ready for an awesome experience?